Sunday, September 20, 2009

Make a Move for Economic Growth

Did you know that the economy grew at 7.4% in the 3rd Quarter of 2009? This growth rate is the fastest since 1984. You would never know it by listening to all the economic malaise these days.

The Dow Jones stock market index is up over 3,000 points since its low of 6,440 in March. Since January, home resales are up over 10% and new home sales are up
over 20%.

We don't need to wait for Washington DC to spend more money on a stimulus to start taking risks again. Risk is what defines entrepreneurship - not excessive risk, yet reasonable risk.

The main reason that our economy contracted was the excessive and bizarre risk-taking in the housing market. Unfortunately, far too many business people have over-reacted by moving to the other extreme on the risk scale.

Thus, the economic fundamentals are now sound. So, let's starting taking normal risks again and get our whole economy moving forward.

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