Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Importance of Website Content

When many companies decide to develop or expand their website, they focus on the site's visual presentation. The look and presentation of a site is important. Yet, the visual appearance alone will not generate revenue. When someone shows up for a job interview, a nice suit will not guarantee the new position. In both situations, a poor appearance can lose the opportunity. To secure new business revenue or a job, there must be solid content.

The importance of content is key to the homepage's effectiveness. This first impression needs to capture the viewer's attention in less than 5 seconds. A viewer needs a reason to explore the site or they will find a site worthy of their valuable time. Above the scroll bar, the viewer should see content that is benefits-oriented and results-driven. What does that mean? The initial content needs to show how life will be better as a result of using the product or service. Web shoppers are looking to solve a problem whether how to get the spots off their carpet or generate more business revenue.

Once attention is captured, then supporting material can be provided. Background on the company, full descriptions of products or services, and biographies. Yet, keep this stuff off the homepage. Focus first on generating attention, and then justify that attention with supporting material. If you keep this approach in mind, you will find that your web hits and phone calls will increase. So, spend plenty of time developing your content. Place the wording on equal footing with appearance. When a good appearance is combined with solid ideas, a winning combination exists.