Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Crazy

Generating revenue for your business is tough work. It often requires a focused and creative approach, in which sales and marketing occupies a high percentage (at least 40%) of your time. As businesspeople with a long list of other items, it becomes easy to tinker with the website, organize files, and continually answer e-mail. Of course, staying organized and responsive is important. However, unless you set aside solid blocks of time to market your business, make sales calls, and do whatever it takes to obtain more clients, your business can slide into trouble. Here are some key steps:

1) Place marketing time slots directly into your schedule and limit distractions
2) Set specific goals for leads generated, and networking contacts per week
3) Continually follow-up with all key contacts
4) Diversify your efforts with at least five defined marketing activities
5) Have fun and go for your goals!