Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Serious About The Economy

What in the world is going on in our country? The recent campaign has degenerated into a discussion of legitimate crimes and who is paying or not paying enough taxes. Meanwhile, unemployment continues to hover above 8% and real unemployment is estimated at 15%. Millions more are underemployed just to keep cash rolling in, yet are nowhere close to paying their bills.

Debt, both as a figure and a percentage of GDP continues to soar. The net worth of Americans has dropped by 40% over the past three years. Instead of throwing around nonsense distractions, lets have a serious discussion about where our economy is headed. How do we make entrepreneurship a stronger option for employment? How can we encourage responsible home ownership? How can we get our economy growing again so our citizens can have a prosperous future? Regardless of your political viewpoint, lets focus on the topics that matter instead of these diversions.